Asthma Program

All across the U.S., the number of children afflicted with asthma continues to rise. Many of these children and their families are unsure of what asthma really is, are unfamiliar with the medications used for treating it, and are uncomfortable managing a sudden asthma attack.

In response to these concerns, Northwest Pediatric Center employs a full-time Asthma Nurse, Rebecca Hulstein, RN.  She helps us monitor all of our asthmatic patients. Her duties include performing spirometry (lung function) testing, including exercise testing; instructing patients and parents in the use of home asthma monitoring devices and medications; educating families on asthma triggers and allergen reduction; designing Asthma Care Plans customized to each child’s needs; maintaining a database where we can track our patients’ progress over time; and ensuring all of our children with asthma receive periodic asthma monitoring and check-ups.

If you have questions about asthma or allergies, Rebecca’s the one to speak to! If you suspect or know your child has asthma and we have not yet enrolled him or her in our Asthma Program, please call our office.

Rebecca is in the Centralia East clinic from 7 am to 4 pm.