General Office Info

Office Hours

Centralia Office: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm (appts. start at 9 am)
Saturdays 9:00 am-12:00 pm (sick visits only)

Centralia East Office: Monday-Friday, open 7:00 am till 5:00 pm (appts. start at 7 am)

Monday-Thursday, winter months only (mid-Sept. through mid-May), open until 6:00 pm for regularly scheduled appointments and sick visits

Monday-Friday, 12:00-8:00 pm, Sundays 5:00-8:00 pm, QUIK KIDS walk-in clinic (for established NWPC patients), urgent care only, no appointment necessary, first come/first served

Chehalis Office: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm (appts. start at 9 am)

Rochester Office: Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm (appts. start at 9 am)



Lori, one of the smiling faces
in Centralia

Making Appointments

We ask that you phone for an appointment so that we can plan the proper amount of time needed to address your child’s concerns.

Appointments for all of our offices are made through our Centralia office. Note: If you call our other offices (Chehalis and Rochester), your call will automatically be routed to Centralia.

Call (360)-736-6778
Toll-free (877)-712-6800

If you are not sure whether you need an appointment, or if you simply need telephone advice, our Triage Nurse is happy to assist you. If you cannot keep an appointment, please be sure to call and let us know. This courtesy makes it possible for an appointment to be given to another patient.

After Hours Emergencies
(Evenings, Weekends, and Holidays)

One of our pediatric providers is on-call to handle emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a medical question or concern that cannot wait until regular office hours, you can reach our on-call physician or nurse practitioner by calling our main office number (360)-736-6778 or toll-free (877)-712-6800. Depending on the urgency and nature of the problem, we may want to see your child or instruct you to go your local Emergency Room or to the Pediatric After Hours Clinic at Providence Centralia Hospital.


Saturday Morning Clinic

Every Saturday morning, our Centralia clinic is open from 8:00 am till early afternoon for same-day urgent care appointments only. Appointments start at 9:00 am. Please note this is not a walk-in clinic. Saturday morning appointments can be made by calling our main office number at (360)-736-6778. Due to the nature of our staffing on weekends, we cannot accommodate well child visits, medication recheck appointments, or sports physicals on Saturday mornings.


Lin RN, just one of ourmany wonderful nurses

Lin RN, just one of our
many wonderful nurses

Winter Extended Hours

During the winter months (mid-September through mid-May), our Centralia East location will offer extended hours for same-day urgent sick visits. The extended hours are until 8 pm, Monday through Thursday. These appointments are for sick children only; this is not a walk-in clinic. Appointments can be made by calling our main office number.



Medication Refills

If your child is on long-term medication and requires a refill, please contact your pharmacy; they will then notify us. (The one exception is if your child is on medication for AD/HD, ADD, depression or other mood disorder. You will need to request those refills directly from our main office at (360)-736-6778, because the receptionists will need to ask you some questions prior to turning in the refill request to our providers.) Given our large number of patients and the time it takes to ensure your child’s medication is ordered correctly, all refills require a minimum of 48 hours turnaround time.


Telephone Advice

Your child may not always need an appointment when he or she is ill. Or perhaps you just have a question about Tylenol dosage or how to handle temper tantrums in your toddler. Our specially trained Triage Nurses can help walk you through most pediatric ailments and concerns. They can also help you decide if you need to make an appointment. You can reach them by calling our main office number and asking for Nurse Triage.


Well Child Exams

Well Child Exams are perhaps the most integral part of pediatrics. During these 20-30 minute appointments, we will address your concerns about your child’s growth, development, and overall health. These are the times we talk about toilet training, behavioral challenges, nutrition issues, and immunizations, among other things.

We’ll also offer anticipatory guidance, which is advice on what to expect in the coming months to years of your child’s life. Because our Well Child Exams require extended time, they often need to be scheduled two to three months in advance. If you have additional concerns besides the usual Well Child questions, please inform the receptionist when you make your appointment so that we can give you plenty of time to discuss those issues with your provider.


Sports Physicals

Summertime and sports physicals go hand in hand. While we do open up additional spots during the summer months for these exams, we respectfully ask that you call to schedule your child’s sports physical as early in the summer as possible so that we can better accommodate your needs.



Some of our physicians perform circumcisions. We do these in our office, usually between two weeks and two months of life. We offer two different methods of circumcision to choose from. As most insurance does not cover the cost of this elective procedure, we require payment in advance. Currently the cost is $280. Under certain circumstances, a payment plan can be arranged in advance through our Billing Department.

Visiting withour office dog Daphne

Visiting with
our office dog Daphne

What’s With The Office Dogs?

One of the first things you may notice when you enter Northwest Pediatric Center is that we have dogs in the clinic area. It started with a Puppy-In-Training, which Dr. Lo was raising to become a Seeing Eye Dog. The puppy was an immediate hit with the kids, who started asking for her to sit with them during immunizations and blood draws. Then we started noticing normally shy and reticent children coming out of their shells once they began playing with the dog. Soon patients and parents began asking for the dog to come into the exam room with them. It’s not surprising really because animal-assisted activities and animal-assisted therapy have proven to be powerful adjuncts to healing, particularly when it comes to children. Having a soft, furry animal to touch and hold can significantly decrease stress in a child who wouldn’t normally want to come to the doctor’s office. Now they actually look forward to it! In addition, because the temperaments of our office dogs are so calm, sweet, and forgiving, they’re perfect practice partners in teaching your child pet manners and how to interact safely with other animals. So that’s why we almost always have two or three well-behaved, gentle, healthy dogs in the office for your kids to play with. (If you or your child has dog allergies, please let your nurse know.)