When it comes to partnering with parents to provider optimal health care for your child, we believe parents should be empowered by knowledge.  At every visit, whether for well child care or illness, we want to make sure we’ve explained everything to you in a way you can understand.  If we haven’t, please ask us to clarify because it’s important that you know what’s happening.

While we strive as your pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners to remain at the forefront of medical knowledge, we understand that knowledge does not come exclusively from health care providers.  It can come from relatives, teachers, the news media, friends, and coworkers.  Indeed, knowledge comes from many sources–unfortunately, as with all things, some of what you read or hear is reliable and some is not.

Knowledge also evolves.  What was true ten years ago may not be true today.  In fact, with technology and research advancing at such a rapid pace, what was true a month ago may not be true today.  Many frontiers in medicine remain unknown, and unlike what some people may assume, medicine is less a science than it is an art.  Some conditions like multiple sclerosis, autism, and cancer continue to cripple millions of people and we still have no answers as to their cause, much less their cure.

The internet has revolutionized how we acquire information.  While the internet can put a wealth of information at our fingertips, the discerning parent who surfs the net for information on vaccines and disease conditions should exercise a healthy degree of caution when wading through websites claiming to have the cure for some long-standing medical mystery, trying to sell a wonder drug, encouraging expensive testing at their own special laboratories, or disseminating false information under the pretense of very legitimate-sounding names.

If you have a question regarding something you’ve read or heard, print it out if you can and bring it to one of our providers so that together we can sort out fact from fiction.  Knowledge is a powerful tool and we want to wield it with wisdom and humility.


Some internet sources of medical information that we have found reliable are below:

For general medical concerns:  The American Academy of Pediatrics, eMedicine Journal

For helpful information on child-rearing:  Child.com

For immunizations/vaccinations: The Centers for Disease Control